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The Chicken Tender automatic chicken coop door

When it comes to poultry supplies, We have the most important product for raising free range chickens:

The "Chicken Tender"!

A must for all chicken coops! Whether your going to build your own chicken coop, or already have one, you need the "Chicken Tender" automatic chicken coop door.

Hassle Free Safety for Free Range Chickens.
Forgot to close your chickens in for the night? Can’t leave home without a chicken sitter? Forget about it, let  “The Chicken Tender” do it for you.

It is like having your own robot to tend your free range chickens
  • Uses ambient light sensor characteristic to human eye (or chicken eye) No timer to keep setting. Microcontroller (computer chip) continually monitors light level  Software determines when to close and open.
  • Powered by a Robotic Arm Actuator. Locks open and closed.
  • Sturdy aluminum and marine grade plastic construction. Weather and splash proof including the electronic controls.
  • Simple trouble free mechanical design.Opens in the morning for a day of ranging, Closes at night for safety after chickens are roosting.
  • Low power Eco-friendly 12 volt DC system. Comes with 110AC plug in option free.  Battery and AC wall or solar powered charger sold separately.
  • Easy installation in your chicken coop.
  • Many years of engineering, development  and testing for highest quality and most practical design.
  • Only $295 for hassle free,  Free Range Chicken experience.

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